The PC Gaming Platform

The PC Gaming PlatformThe most versatile in all the lands is that of the PC. Windows gaming has never been stronger quite frankly. You got your Steams and Green Man Gamings and all the digital content you can afford to get sent straight to your fingertips. Plus the PC is indie heaven there’s just nothing quite like it. Also, if you get a gaming PC you can use it not just for gaming.

You can use all that power for other things like business and office work and video editing and photo editing and music editing and lots of other hobbies. It is a multi purpose tool. Whereas a console your pretty much playing games and maybe use it to run a few apps and watch a few movies. Is it expensive? Hell yes it is expensive especially if you want one of the best gaming PCs to play everything at max settings. But nowhere else to you get the mindblowing graphics.

Top 5 Best Things about PC Gaming

  1. Number of games. I mean you got 1000s to choose from here. Whereas other consoles you have to worry about backwards compatibility and buying new consoles and all that crap with PCs you always know things are going to work as long as your rig has enough juice to play it. Get on Steam and tell me how many options there are. There are too many to count its redonkculous. Then you’ve got all the indie games to choose from too its freaking amazing.
  2. A Productivity tool. Like I mentioned before, a PC can do anything. A powerful PC can do more than that. Maybe that doesn’t make sense but you get my drift. If you have any sort of hobby going on in your life it is likely that you can get better or make it more efficient by using a PC.
  3. Keyboard and Mouse. I know some people are in love with their controllers but its proven that PC FPS gamers outperform console gamers. The reason? The keyboard and mouse. Some things don’t ever need changed and these two provide you with so much control. You can browse faster, type faster, get things done faster with a keyboard and mouse. Most people accept that they are superior input devices.
  4. MOBAs and eSports. Sure Call of Duty and Halo have competitive gaming scenes but nothing like the likes of DOTA and League of Legends and Counter Strike. PC is the home of all this action and if you want to participate you have to get a gaming PC. Multiplayer online battle arenas offer the most intense competition of any platform. Sure you may get yelled at million times and you will be wondering what your mom has been up to with all the wild claims after you make a mistake but once you get good there’s nothing like crushing your competition.
  5. Exclusive Titles. This goes hand in hand with the previous point. But whereas almost all games are cross platform in the console realm (besides with the exception of the Wii games) PC has A LOT of EXCLUSIVE only games that can ONLY be played on the PC. This is the most important reason to buy a gaming PC because a whole new world opens.
  6. Desk and Chair. Quite honestly I prefer the desk and chair to sitting on the floor infront of the TV. I know sometimes you have the couch but it is not always close enough. With a desk and chair you can get as close to your monitor as you want to and stay at that distance consistently. Plus there’s all these new desk options that make gaming better than ever.


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