The Wii U Platform

The Wii U PlatformThe nostalgia factor comes into play big time here. I mean who doesn’t love Nintendo’s Mario and Luigi. Then you got the host of other characters that pretty much everyone grew up with. Sure it may not have the hardware of the Xbox One and Playstation 4, but the Wii U is pretty decent. And all those exclusive titles, oh dear. Hard to completely dismiss the Wii U even if you aren’t a Nintendo fanboy. Some of these games are just that good. You know another thing about their games? They are good clean fun. Even if your grandparents accidentally buy you a Wii U, you can still have plenty of fun.

Top 5 Best Things about the Wii U Platform.

  1. Super Smash Bros. Many people would say that the Super Smash Bros series is worth shelling out for a Wii in itself. Pitting all the Nintendo legends against each other, you can get 4 people on there and battle it out. Heck, there is even a competitive gaming scene surrounding Super Smash Bro’s nowadays. Being Starfox or Megaman (oooh yea nice new addition), or Mario, or Link and beating up on your best friends… it just doesn’t get any more fun than that.
  2. Mario Cart. With the introduction of the Wii Wheel this game is more fun than ever before. No where can you get the same action. Popping people with green and red shells, laying down mines, getting star power, its just a lot of fun. So many EXCLUSIVES. Also to note, game QUALITY. So many Xbox one, Ps4, and PC games come out buggy then receive countless patches to make them actually playable. Not the case with Nintendo. Each game is vetted and held to high quality standards.
  3. Backwards Compatible. Yep that’s right Wii U is backwards compatible for super fun. Play all your favorite classics without an extra charge.
  4. Co-Op Titles. A WHOPPING 80% of Wii U’s titles have a co op mode. It just isn’t as fun unless you can share it with others right. Playstation 4 has 65% co op titles and Xbox One has 49% co op titles. That just isn’t as many and some of those co op titles suck. Zelda, Starfox, Mario, Donkey King, Kirby, and other legends can be played with friends and you just don’t get that on other platforms.
  5. Price. The Wii U bundle can be had for $299. That’s a fair price. Considering that Xbox One is at least $399 and PS4 is $449. Getting into the game is that much cheaper. Your saving like a $100 dollars here guy. Plus a lot of their games are like 20 or 30 bucks. If you’re gaming on a budget the value proposition here is hard to pass up. The controller is pretty cool too, with the Wii U GamePad you get a built in touch screen that’s great for going through Netflix and YouTube. BOOM.

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