The Xbox One Platform

Windows 10 IntegrationOkay so making your thinking things over and you do not want to go the Playstation 4 route. I respect your choice here. Maybe you have more friends on the Xbox One Platform or maybe you’re just doing a hipster thing. Whatever the deal is, let’s talk about some of the stuff the Xbox One has going for it.

Top 5 things the Xbox One has going for it.

  1. External harddrive capability. So here’s a biggie even though most people won’t be hitting the limits so soon in the Playstation 4 life. But down the road you’ll probably see people getting mad at Sony that is so hard to increase storage capacity on the Playstation 4. With the Xbox One it is a piece of cake. All you need to do is buy any external harddrive that is USB 3.0 capable and you can plug it into your Xbox to save games and data. Boom.
  2. Windows 10. So this one is a little speculative, but if you’ve got a gaming PC than you probably have Windows 10 by now. I mean why not its free right. So with the news of a big Xbox One fall update you’re probably going to see Windows 10 integration, Cortana, a new UI, and the start of something like universal apps that you can use both on your PC and your Xbox. If this apps extends to games that is a big one for any true gamer. Being able to play anything on your PC then walk into the living room and decide to play it on Xbox is pretty cool. But check this out. Say you get a Windows smartphone, and Xbox One, and a Windows Laptop, and a Windows Tablet, and a Windows gaming PC. If you’ve got Windows 10 on all of them that’s a boom boom boom boom boom quadra play. That’s pretty exciting state of affairs for the long term and the potential is sky high. Microsofts the only one with the clout and product spread to make this sort of thing happen.
  3. Halo and Titanfall. OK so Xbox One does have some pretty cool exclusives. And in most peoples opinions the two best ones are Halo series and Titanfall. You can play these games on Playstation 4 and that’s just plain sucky. Walking around in a mech like titan is pretty badass. Plus you know Halo series is going to keep coming and who doesn’t want to get in on that action.
  4. Xbox Live. Xbox 360 sucked a lot of people in and in no way was that a bad thing. It was one of the best gaming networks and a lot of people stuck with Microsoft for this reason. But if you’ve got a lot of friends on Xbox Live platform it is hard to give that up and jump ship if you know what I’m saying. Sometimes you can find deals if you hunt around long enough and get a subscription for 45 or so a year which isn’t shabby.
  5. Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility. BOOM. Xbox One will be able to play most all Xbox 360 games. That’s the big boom that Microsoft announced at the E3 this year. And that’s pretty fun stuff right there. Getting to revisit old favorites in your game collection is a pretty cool deal right there. Now Playstation offers a similar gig but you have to pay for it monthly. 20 smackers. While that isn’t too shabby it isn’t free like what Microsoft is offering.

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